How Successful Was the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’?

Two days ago I came across a fascinating blog by Pagan, titled ‘The digital marketers holy grail- going viral’ (definitely worth a read if you haven’t already!)

With Pagan’s post still fresh in my mind, I coincidentally overheard Triple J’s hourly news update about the success of the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’ which aimed at raising funds and awareness for the debilitating motor neuron disease (MND).ice bucket

With no known cure for this horrific illness, research needed to be intensified in a bid to save thousands of lives across the globe. 700 Australian’s are diagnosed with MND each year, given a 3 year life expectancy.

It is fair to say that this social media campaign achieved the ‘holy grail’ by going viral! I know for a fact that every person reading this knows about it and how it worked, because Facebook and Instagram feeds were full of it!

In Australia alone, over $1 million was generated for research. Celebrities and everyday people got involved, raising awareness and providing donations to this terrific cause. download

I’m not going to lie, at the time I was so over scrolling through my newsfeed and every man and his dog was tipping a bucket of water on their head. But looking back now, thank god that this campaign did go viral.

It could be what we needed in order to find a cure for this ungodly disease.

What are your thoughts on the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’? Did you get involved? Would you have done something differently to make it even more successful?


The Death of Newspapers Provides Advertising Opportunity

I think it’s fair to say that traditional newspapers as we know them are on borrowed time.

Less and less newspapers are being circulated around the world as a result of the digital movement. This image below shows the predicted circulation of the UK’s two biggest selling newspapers being ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Observer’. observer

People are now consuming news through digital devices such as tablets and phones. News is updated in real time with video’s attached, content is filtered to suit individual readers and subscribing to a particular provider is cheaper than purchasing newspapers in their hard form.

This movement in how people are consuming their news has enabled new advertising opportunities for marketers.

Advertising on news websites and apps enables greater targeting. Marketers are able to attract their preferred consumers through information regarding their search history and online habits. Marketers are also able to keep track of how many people they are reaching, as well as the click-through rate of their target audience.

The average online news consumer spends twice as long online as a general user. This shows that there is a high likelihood that the ad will reach these consumers whether it be through banners at the top of the page or tiles throughout stories. online-newspaper-ads

What do you think? Do you agree that the days of traditional newspapers are limited? Do you believe that advertising via digital news mediums is a good strategy?


The Fascination around Berlin’s ‘Berghain’

A few weeks ago I posted a blog venting my anger about the frustrating tactics of nightclub promotersnath

This industry relies so heavily on having a digital to get people through their door and promote their venue to as many people as possible.

When I was recently researching places I will be travelling to on my upcoming trip to Europe, I came across a nightclub in Berlin called ‘Berghain’. This place has been voted as the best nightclub in the world numerous times.

Now some of you may have heard about it, others may have not. If you haven’t let me paint a picture of my understanding of this place:

  • It is open from Thursday night to Monday afternoon, it literally doesn’t close…
  • It is traditionally a gay club and while there are heaps of heterosexual people, you may see things that could be deemed disturbing
  • It is situated in an old abandoned powerplant (yes, that run down old building)Berghain
  • If you don’t fit ‘their look’ then you won’t get in. They knock back more people than they let in (apparently Brittany Spears and Kanye West are two people to be knocked back!)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: No photos are ever to be taken from within the walls of ‘Berghain’.

So back to my point about how nightclubs rely on digital platforms… This place, that has been voted the number one nightclub in the world, basically doesn’t have an online presence. Pretty much the only information that can be found online has been shared by those who have actually entered the famous ‘Berghain’ doors. Never directed by the place itself.

They don’t have their own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Nothing. They have a very basic website and that’s it. Yet ‘Berghain’ is considered one of the top tourist attractions in Berlin. Crazy right…

Do you think that ‘Berghains’ lack of online presence and vision from inside the doors increases peoples fascination with this place?

Can you think of any other brands/organisations that have resisted from shifting online?

Do you have any stories from this infamous nightclub!?


Floyd v Manny, and the winner is… Digital Pirates!

Floyd v Manny, dubbed the ‘Fight of the Century’ sent social media into overdrive throughout the past week.

I had no idea how many boxing experts I was friends with on Facebook!floyd

As someone who isn’t necessarily a big boxing fan but an avid lover of sport in general, I too got caught up in the hype of the big fight. A few mates and I got together, had a barbecue and a few beers to watch this monumental event.

Like millions around the world we all chipped in to pay the $60, believing it to be the only way to watch the fight. Little did we know that it was being illegally streamed right across the globe.

Live streaming apps ‘Meerkat’ and ‘Periscope’ managed to obtain the footage to stream the fight live to viewers all around the world… a saving of $60 for Australian’s and $100 for American’s. meerkat-periscope

Broadcaster HBO managed to identify and take down other illegal streaming apps before the fight, but ‘Meerkat’ and ‘Periscope’ managed to slip under their radar.

Digital piracy in general has become a massive problem right around the world. TV shows and movies are being viewed illegally and rights holders are losing out massively.piracy

Do you consider digital piracy to be stealing? Should we have harsher penalties for those convicted of sharing content illegally? Do you feel sorry for those rights holders that are being robbed of revenue?


Podcasting – An Effective Promotional Tool?

Are podcast’s going to become the next big thing for brands to use as a medium to advertise and promote?podcasts

To be honest, I never really understood the point of a podcast until my girlfriend convinced me to listen to ‘Serial: This American Life’. It was a 12 part series about a guy, Adnan Syed, who had been convicted of his ex-girlfriends murder in 1999, and has (rightly or wrongly) spent the last 15 years in jail. adnan

It was absolutely captivating and I found myself hanging out for the next episode to be released. As a result of this initial podcast experience, I’ve found myself trolling the Internet to find other programs in this unique format.

There are so many different and unique podcast’s floating around, and I have seriously found them so entertaining. They can be consumed in so many different ways, such as on your phone, your web-browser, tablet or MP3 player. This content is free and subscribing to the podcast’s you like is so easy.

In an age where every media platform seems to be dominated by big companies promoting their brand, I’ve noticed very little of this on the various podcast’s I’ve subscribed to.

Whilst I really hope that these podcast’s don’t become littered with advertising and sponsored content, I think that this media platform would be incredibly effective as a promotional tool.

Podcast’s are just starting to take off, and I think it is only a matter of time until the big brands notice this.

What do you guys think? Are podcast’s an effective promotional tool?


Nightclub Promoters- Look Away NOW!

If you’re a nightclub promoter that markets heavily on Facebook, probably do yourself a favour and hit the exit button right now!

I hate you and your annoying spamming, intrusive personal messages and constant clogging of my newsfeed. Anyone else sick to death of seeing the exact same posts every weekend about the “huge DJ line-up”, “cheap drinks before 11” or the worst of the worst, “use my name at the door for cheap entry”.



I would rather pay the extra $5 entry just so these idiots don’t get their $1 worth of commission!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the power that social media platforms such as Facebook can have in an industry such as nightclubs.I think nightclub operators would be crazy not to use social media to communicate with their target market.annoying

My issue is with the techniques individual promoters use in order to make a measly $50 on a Saturday night.

Do individual nightclub promoters outrage you guys like they do with me? Or do you guys think that Facebook is fine letting these ‘promoters’ spam your newsfeed?


How Much Longer Can Us iPhone Users Just ‘Google it’?

Is Google’s market share dominance about to take a hit with Bing and Yahoo competing fiercely to become the default browser for Apple’s iPhone?google

Google holds a 67% share of the American search engine market, while here in Australia Google is even more dominant claiming 92% ownership of the market.

Despite the iPhone being overtaken as the worlds most popular cellular device, Apple still boasts a large and incredibly loyal consumer base. But if Google lost the right to be the default browser which is what is expected, Yahoo and Bing will reap the benefits, enabling Google’s colossal market share to be yahoo bing

As a loyal owner of an iPhone, I know that whenever I need to know something I’ll just get my phone from my pocket and ‘Google it’ through the sheer simplicity of the icon appearing on the opening Safari screen.

I know that I’m not alone in doing this at least 5 times a day.

When Bing or Yahoo become the new default browser, they will suddenly have taken the millions of users just like me away from Google.

I don’t know how I feel about ‘Yahooing’ or ‘Binging’ an answer…

It just doesn’t feel or sound right!